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Forensics workstation/Data Recovery
Instantly deploy a forensics workstation with tct, tctutils, mac-robber, and autopsy
also provides perl 5.6.1 compiled with Large File Support.

Live System Incident Response
Binaries are available for Incident Response on a live machine.

Virus Scanning

Utilizing F-Prot 3.11beta you can scan for virii, worms, trojans, and all around harmful code.
Just mount the filesystems that you want to scan and execute 'f-prot . '
Any filesystem you can mount, you can scan.  mount and scan fat/ntfs/ext2/ext3/reiserfs partitions
Scan your windows machines offline for virii that may not be detected with an "after the fact" anti-virus
software installation.

Pen-Testing Platform
I should NOT have to explain this portion:
If the tools you would like to use are not in the distribution please make a request!

FIRE Download:

Downloading version 0.3.5 is recommended.


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Sleuthkit and Autopsy

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